For Newspapers

Quality local reporting. No syndication fees.

You need writers. We got ’em.

How Parachute works in a nutshell (a very tiny nutshell):

We assign a vetted freelancer a solutions-style feature story set in a news desert in your state.

A Parachute editor works with you on adapting the resulting article copy to fit in-house style.

We publish a free syndication of our story in the pages of your print daily and in Parachute online.

What Parachute Can Do:

  • Provide you a vetted and fact-checked feature story (with original photography) to run with no first-time syndication fee.
  • Connect you with skilled freelance writers and photographers looking for work in your area.
  • Introduce your subscriber base to character-based, solutions-style storytelling.

What Parachute Can’t Do:

  • Revitalize your revenue stream.
  • Completely revive your circulation numbers.
  • Provide you with regular beat reporting, à la Report for America or The Compass Experiment.

How can we help you out?

Hang in there.

Based proudly in sunny Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.

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