It’s time.

The future of journalism in America is uncertain. It’s up to us freelancers to take the reins.

Half of the U.S. is a news desert.

Let’s change that.

At Parachute, we’re thinking hard about media. By assigning local journalists stories in underreported areas, we will create a more equitable media landscape across the country.

That’s good for all of us.

Let’s redefine parachute reporting.

If COVID-19 has shown us media workers one thing, it’s this: That more talented writers and photographers across the U.S. are freelancing than ever before—those now making up 36% of the national workforce. Coastal media alone can’t cover the workload, nor should they. Rather than relying on hedge funds and Big Tech to save our 6,576 community papers still standing, why not make good journalism that can rehydrate them ourselves?

Forget Substack.

Let’s re-energize the nation’s pre-existing army of freelance journalists under a healthier agenda for our democracy: Quality on-the-ground storytelling reported away from the desk.

Now taking pitches for our first story package on climate change.

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